Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Retirement

This is my mom's last year of teaching and her fellow teachers threw her a retirement party on Sunday.

She got a whole basket full of cool stuff (including a tree!), but not before people told some funny stories about her!

This is the principal, Mr. B., telling how Mom pulled the best one on him of anyone he's ever known!

And these are just some of the people that came to wish her well! 

Now it's time for some traveling!  Happy Retirement Mom!


  1. oops! I forgot! Aargh. It is already the end of the month, huh? Glad she had a good time! and it looks like she had a lot of well wishers there!

  2. Happy Retirement to your Mom. My parents are retired and they love it! Now they can spend more time with their grandkids. :-)


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