Thursday, May 19, 2011

14 Months

My little man is 14 months old, and completely independent!  Since he's been walking for 2 months (and mobile for a lot longer) he is now climbing everything and it's very hard to get him to hold still for a "posed" photo! :)

I have some pics from last week that I haven't gotten around to posting yet... he's figured out how to pull out a kitchen chair, climb up, and then climb on the table, if there's something he really wants.  Last week it was one of big brother's crayons and then he proceeded to color with it.  So stinkin' cute!

Well, hello bunny!

We have a little communicator on our hands too!  In the past couple weeks he's started saying a few more words.  The other night I asked him if he wanted to go take a bath.  And while usually he just heads for the bathroom this time he said, "baff?" clear as a bell.  Awesome!
He plays peek-a-boo with us, especially when we're changing his diaper and while it sounds a like like "budge a budge" he has the intonation down so you know what he means.  Actually "budge" is kind of the go to word for a lot of things, like balloons too.  He loves those things and points them out whenever he seems one in the store or anywhere.
He's also started saying "woof woof" when he sees a dog (and pointing) and then when I tell him there's a train when I hear the whistle I usually say "woo woo" and he's started repeating that too, even when I don't notice the train going by (amazingly enough I've gotten used to it!).

He's just talking a lot more in general even though most of it is nonsense.  And of course we understand what he wants fairly easily because we know him!  For example he knows quite a few signs, but anyone else who knows sign language might not pick up on what he wants because he doesn't have the hand motions exactly right.  Still, it's communication!

He makes signs for: all done, more, eat, drink, banana, please, and birds.

I don't sit still!

Mr. Communicator also understands so much of what we say.  He will go get his shoes if I tell him we're going outside and bring them to me.  A lot of it depends on whether or not HE wants to do what I'm asking him to!

His other methods of communicating are mainly pointing and saying "aaaaaaah!" to get your attention to what he wants.  Works, I guess!
And lately anywhere we are he will say "aaaaaah!" to get someone's attention when he wants to wave at them.  Yes, he gets lots of attention!

Bunny love!

Along with the coloring (I think he's going to be right handed too) he has started getting more interested in books.  He will sometimes bring me a book, especially if I ask him too, but he still wants to be in control of turning the pages.  Usually too fast to read all but the simplest of stories.  I've started bringing some in the car with us and one that I got to review has become a favorite of both he and Cory.  It's called Rocket Town and the best page is the count down to blast off! 

 Ha ha, I stole one of brother's cars!

Some final stats... as of last week's surgery follow up he weighed in at 26 pounds and 32 inches tall!  He's wearing almost all 18 month clothes and has a very large head!  ie, some of the shirts have to be put away already because they are too hard to put on!

This month he also got 3 of his 4 new molars and the 4th one is going to come through any day now.

Happy 14 months old my little ham, Noah!

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  1. I can't believe how big . . . and cute he is! I remember when you just gave birth to him!


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