Monday, May 09, 2011

Festival Time

A yes, it's that time of year again.  Where we have parades and food fairs and... the most important thing to a 4 year old?  The carnival.

He remembered the rides from last year even before we got there and corrected me when I called this one a motorcycle.  My bad, son, it's a 4-wheeler.

I think it's fairly obvious that he loved the canoe ride again...

The trucks going around was a new one this year, to replace the helicopters.  I'm not sure which was a bigger hit!

We rode this one twice!

The best bang for your buck was a climbing house that had a ball pit at the end.  He spent many minutes "swimming" around in the balls and jumping off the edges.  Super fun!

We just won't talk about the black substance on his clothes when he finally came out... Mama doesn't want to even know what was in there.

Then we faced the mighty dragon ride... Last year he wanted to go, but was screaming and crying the first time around so the operator stopped and let him off.  This year he wanted to try and was super excited before it got started... but then not so sure.

The little boy next to him put his arm around him and was talking to him the whole ride and by the end he at least was smiling.  It was so cute, we told his parents afterwards and they said he'd been in the same situation last year and another little boy helped him out.  Next year I guess it will be Cory's turn!

And unfortunately Noah was too short to go on any of the rides, I wanted to put him on the first one in front of Cory.  I know he would have loved it!  Next year!

Then on Sunday Mama got to go to the food fair by herself and work in the Young Life trailer.  She was reprising her 16 year old self, being a barista.  It was cool and rainy so not too busy, and unfortunately (or fortunately for my waistline) their donut machine broke just as I got there so no donuts for me.  But I had a good time anyway and yes, I remember how to make espresso!


  1. He kinda looks like he might SORT of be having a MAYBE good time....

  2. Too funny. When my middle son was a little short for some of the Legoland rides, we went out and bought him some new tennis shoes. They were the kind that have shocks in the heels that are about a half an inch or an inch high so he could make the height limit!!


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