Friday, May 06, 2011

Noah Update

Well, our little guy did really well in his surgery yesterday.  The nurses were all charmed (of course!) and they said he was one of very few babies who don't cry when they wake up either.

We had to wait quite awhile before the previous surgery was done and he never complained about wanting to eat or even was fussy.  The hardest part was having to put the mask on with the gas to put him to sleep.  He's "practicing", but playing in the photo below, but really didn't like it forced on his face.  Thankfully it only takes a short time for it to take affect.

We were getting a little worried when the 45 minute time they had given us turned into almost 2 hours, but finally a nurse came and told us they had simply mis-scheduled him and the procedure actually was supposed to take an hour and a half.  Then the doctor came in 2 minutes later and said he was done and it all looked good.

We were on the road home by 1pm and other than the fact that he peed through his diaper and so was uncomfortable on the ride home (we didn't realize the IV fluids would do this to him) he's been fine since we got home.

Yay baby!  And thanks for praying, it really helped me stay calm!


  1. So glad that it went well! I was praying for you both :)

  2. Glad it all went well. These pics in his little hospital gown are so endearing!

  3. Allison7:33 AM

    These pictures just melt me! So thankful everything went well.

  4. This is what I get for falling behind in my Google Reader, apparently.

    I had no idea! But I'm VERY glad to hear the positive outcome!

  5. I'm so glad he's home - safe & sound!

    He's a brave little boy.


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