Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gettin' Ready for Halloween

So, apparently the pumpkin patch near us ran out of pumpkins.  But I have never been impressed with their quality or the owner anyway so we saved quite a bit of money and visited our brand new (grand opening today) SuperWalmart.  I know, shoot me now.

Anyway, the selection was still pretty decent and Cory helped me pick out one for each of us.  After dinner we lined the table and began...

Noah was ecstatic about the pumpkins, he's been pointing them out for weeks, and jumped right in.  Cory on the other hand, still can't handle the guts and almost refused to do it, even with a spoon!

I have the cutest picture of Noah, but I got a new lens today and while playing with it... the picture came out blurry. Sad face.

Anyway, after his pumpkin was carved (by Daddy) he was so curious about looking inside!

This is Daddy making the face he wants to put on his pumpkin...

And finally, all of them lit up.  See if you know our family well enough... Can you guess whose is whose?




From left to right...

Noah, Baby, Mommy, Daddy, Cory.  And yes, Cory told us just how he wanted his face and that's what he got!

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  1. I'm seriously impressed! I LOVE the look of carved pumpkins but I dislike thinking about the work involved. Alas and alack. We have no pumpkins. =)


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