Monday, October 24, 2011

Seattle while Sick

Not the best way to travel, but sadly we didn't really want to put off Noah's doctor check-up. So for all our driving we had about a 10 minute appointment and the results of his surgery were deemed excellent and no need to ever come back unless we had some concern.

We did get to hang with my college roommie Wendy for about 20 minutes (whoops on the timing!) and then I took Cory to see Harold and the Purple Crayon.  We got mixed up in the construction around 520 and I thought we weren't even going to make it, but we did, even with time for Mama to hit the bathroom! 

Unfortunately Daddy had decided to take Noah to the mall for some run around time while we were gone and Cory thought that sounded more fun (after being in the car half the day) so he was "disappointed" that he couldn't go to the mall too.  And I realized about 20 minutes in that Noah actually probably would have enjoyed it more than Cory.  The music was super fun and there was a lot of movement to watch, but Cory didn't understand the story very well.  He was a bit too young for that while Noah would have just been enthralled by everything.

Personally I thought they did a fabulous job and it was a really fun show although this grandma in the row in front of us kept giving me dirty looks when Cory forgot to whisper his questions about the show.  Seriously?  Half the audience was under 8 and there were plenty of other kids talking too!  It's not like we were at some adult show and I'd inappropriately brought my child!

Anyway, it was all good and we got back to Frank and Sandy's condo in good time for a late dinner and bed.  Then the adults watched episodes from all the current TV shows so I now have an inkling of the regular culture of the other 75% of the US!  (We don't watch TV at all)

Sadly, this morning we were all still sick so we skipped church, visited Whole Foods and PCC Market for some gluten free items (there's a whole post on this coming) and then headed back over the mountains.  Probably just as well because my parents went west later and said the eastbound traffic was stopped for 10 miles and we just sailed right through.  Glad we missed that!

Some days I miss living in the big city, but then I visit... and realize I like my side of the mountains!

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  1. Woah, that's whirlwindish all right! Sorry y'all weren't feeling well. That's no fun. Glad to hear you liked the play though!


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