Saturday, October 01, 2011

On Friends...

I realize it's not Friday anymore, but I missed this one and then couldn't resist the topic!

I have been so blessed in my life to have found wonderful friends.  Not a few of them I would say weren't found, but serendipitously "placed" there by Someone.

Take the fact that I went off to college... stayed for 3 weeks... then dropped out because I was too homesick and freaked out about not being able to get a work-study job.  But out of that I gained one of my best friends that the college had given me as a roommate.  We lived together later for another year of college and a year post college.  (Hi Wendy!)

Take my friend Holly.  When grad school didn't find me a teaching placement I went with one of the summer profs to her school so I would at least have the "pre-school" teacher meetings to observe.  She was a history teacher so she handed me off to the science teachers.  Holly.  Who after hanging out with for two weeks (thanks grad school for making me find my own placement) then allowed me to be her student teacher for the year.  And once I started dating Brian we discovered they had gone to middle school together.  And she even had an awesome video of him as the Velveteen Rabbit from 8th grade!

Then there's my local best friend.  I'm not sure when exactly we met, somewhere around 8th or 9th grade, but we spent the rest of high school sitting next to each other in band class and spending our summers chasing grade school kids around at camp.  (Hi Becca!)

I have so many other friends spread all over the world that I am so blessed to know.  Girls who follow after God and encourage me.  Girls who care about their families and other people.  I just hope they're as blessed to know me as I them.

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