Thursday, January 19, 2012

22 Months

After fingerpainting!
My little man!  I didn't get to a 20 month post, but here is a *hopefully* brief update on my now 22 month old Noah!

His vocabulary is growing every day although his pronunciation still isn't clear all the time.  But since we are with him we can translate most things!
Just last night Brian was talking to him about something to do with water and he said what we think was his first sentence: I like wa-ni (which is his word for water).  Also, very true!

We have discovered that if he doesn't know the rest of a word he will say the first syllable and then add "ni ni" for the rest.  Example, we sometimes sing Majesty at bed time and if he doesn't ask for "take joy" (I Love You Lord) he will ask for "Ma-ni-ni".  Also used with Hosanna - Ho-sa-ni-ni.

In the same line he has started to string more words together, finally mastering pine-apple as well as saying "more, Mama" and "apple juice".  You can tell what's important in his life... food!
But one of the first 2 word sentences was "loud lemon".  We were trying to get him to say the "L" sound and saying various words since he was being loud.  Somehow we ended up calling him a loud lemon and now he proudly says it whenever I have to say "shhh, you're being loud!"

Also, living with a big brother means you must assert yourself so he has quickly learned to say "Mah turn".  Which also sometimes simply means "I can do it myself".
The other thing he's learned from big brother is "why?"  He has the inflection and timing perfect, but I'm not entirely sure he really understands the concept behind the question yet!

In other news... If you ask him if he is stinky or made a stinky he will say "no?" and it has this cute little upswing on the end almost like a question.  Then he will blame it on someone else - bro-ah, Bama, Daddy, etc.  He's learning early...
However, he will also come and tell me "dipe-y-iper" when he really does have a stinky diaper.  Always nice to catch that before a nap or bedtime!  We're working on the potty and he will go sometimes, but only once has he initiated it himself.  We'll see if 2 months more is enough time to not have 3 in diapers...

What he lacks in pronunciation he more than makes up for in physical prowess... must be something to do with chasing an older brother...
The new bed setup is a perfect jungle gym in their room and most of the time no one gets hurt...  We like to spin and dance and jump and Noah can jump with both feet off the ground.  I think he's pretty far ahead in that area.  We measured him at Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house and he measures exactly the same height as Cory at the same age. 

Other ways he acts way older than his age: He's picked up the particular gene... Sometimes I will ask him what he wants to wear and pull the drawer open and let him choose a shirt.  Other times I will just pick up one or two and let him pick.  One night I just held up his dinosaur jammies and asked if he wanted to wear them.  No.  He wanted to wear the "no-man" jammies.  He remembered that he had some with snowmen on them.  I was impressed!

The boys both want to play with Daddy's iPad when he comes home from school.  Here Noah is playing "flip cars".  While he understands how to make the car go around the track all he really wants to do is make it "fall off".  He thinks that's funny!  Toddlers and technology... I'm a little scared!

Current favorite book: Maybe a Bear Ate It.  One of those freebies from a cereal box I think, but it's super cute and he has started saying "a Bay Aye ii" and laughing hysterically.

We're working on colors since he loves to color and paint so much.  He can count to three and frequently repeats whatever big brother is saying so I have a feeling he'll pick up counting and the alphabet pretty fast.  He will point to letters and sometimes get the correct one and sometimes it's just a random "o" or "p".

Noah has so much personality and most of the time is super fun to have around!  When he's gone to Nana and Papa's house for a couple days then he comes home and just wants to snuggle me instead of watching Sesame Street or Blue's Clues in the morning!  Those are his two favorite shows.

And one last thing... when he's hurt he will point to the spot and make kissing sounds for me to kiss it!

Look out 2, here we come!

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Yes, that little Noah is all personality and self confidence! He will go places ~ in more ways than one! :)

    Love him!



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