Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Little Christmas Recap: Part 1

Yeah yeah, I'm three weeks late.  But I finally had time to edit all my pictures yesterday and there were some I just had to share!  Our Christmas season always seems to be a whirlwind, but here are a few from various events...

First up, two days before Christmas the second annual gathering of the cousins on my mom's side in po-dunk nowhere Washington (sorry, Hillary, but it is! ;)  We commandeer the breakfast room, which is conveniently next to the pool.  Everyone brings food and at this point ALL the next generation are boys so they wreak havoc on the food and the pool!

Noah was completely unafraid of the water so it was a good thing he could touch in the shallow end!

He kept wanting to go farther and farther around the pool to jump in!

My brother helping Cory swim, he's getting pretty fearless himself!

This year we had a White Elephant gift exchange... oh the hilarity!  Andrew's younger brother got these shorts and wouldn't even show them, but Andrew thought they were awesome.  Can't wait to hear if he's actually worn them for PE like he said he would...

Brinton on the other hand didn't mind wearing a cloth wreath on his head...

And then we went home and had our own Christmas Eve...

This is a recordable Night Before Christmas book I got last year.  Grandma and Grandpa recorded it and every time we turned the page Noah would look at me and tell me which of them was reading in his excited little voice.  Bama!  Baba!

Christmas morning stockings...

Cory got a Smithsonian Book which he has LOVED since we went there last summer! (there is a whole series of these books and we love them!)

And Noah got this cute little Cookie Monster book with arms that you make do things.  He calls it "cookie mahtin".

Good choice on books Auntie Allison!

Family Christmas pictures later...


  1. Allison9:52 AM

    So glad the boys liked the books! As I remember I had some very good suggestions/help... ;)

    Looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Love these photos!



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