Monday, January 09, 2012

27 Weeks!

I've actually been feeling pretty good this week.  Good to be home and getting things done.  Of course it helped that I was sans children for a few days... but it's good to have them home too.

I'm not loving this picture at all, but it is what it is.  You can definitely see the difference between now and 27 weeks with Noah!  Although most people still think I'm not that pregnant... why?  Because it's ALL out in front.  Looking at me head on or from the back you almost can't tell!

I really really like this picture though...

I'm feeling more than my 6 months, but I suppose that's normal!  The doctor wasn't worried at all about my contractions last week.  Said that was normal and I should expect more and only to worry if they don't stop with rest and water.

I even got the one set of curtains in our bedroom finished today.  Here's to getting more done and purging my house in the next two months!


  1. Awww, you look great! I wish I looked that good at 27 weeks. And the last photo is so cute.

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    SWEET!! I love you! Mom

  3. Love, love, love the "heart" picture! You should have that one framed with a picture of you little one after the grand entrance. :)


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