Monday, May 20, 2013

14 Months: My little monkeys

Yes, I do call these little ones my monkeys because they want to climb anything... even the heater under the front window even though they can see out without needing to be up on it...

So yes, at 14 months these girls are very mobile.  I'm quite glad we have the baby wall so they are contained at home because while they do like to be together a lot I would not be able to keep track of both of them in my house all the time!

There are no words being said yet although we may be getting there with Mama. They will sometimes do a few signs, but mostly it's a little pointing and a LOT of yelling!  But my girls are sharp cookies and know what they want.  When I sit down on the couch and it's "that time" they will bring me the nursing pillow! (I don't think they're going to give that up easily)


The other day I was sitting with them while Noah was finishing watching a morning show and when it was done and kicked back to Netflix Joy got up and walked over to where the Wii remote was and tried to grab it because she wanted to watch some more!


Also, the other night talking to Grandma on Facetime and Grandma was blowing kisses.  Joy started blowing them back to her even thought that's not something I've ever showed her how to do.


Joy has become the shrieker and we're not quite sure what to do about that... it's LOUD.

Hope - all the ones below too
So, this pink bucket was supposed to be for the toys, but as you can see it's actually one of the best toys.  They dump all the toys out and then play in the bucket.  Hope is my little ham.  She was grinning and playing for me while I took pictures this morning.  She's very social and will be the first to smile at a stranger (from the safety of her car seat or my arms), but Joy is more daring.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend and Hope actually climbed me to stay out of the water at the edge of the wave pool while Joy got down from Grandma's lap after not too long and was walking around.  They both did enjoy the water the next day.

Basic stats: Hope finally got the matching tooth on the bottom so they each have eight.  They weigh 20 pounds and Hope has just a half pound more than Joy.  She feels more solid so I think Joy may be just a bit taller, but it's hard to measure babies...
Still wearing their 12 month clothes, but probably not for too much longer.  The pants yes, since they are skinny, but they need 18 months for tops and length in pajamas.  I think they'll be moving up in shoe size too.

Both girls LOVE books and will come and sit on my lap if I have one to read.  Unfortunately we can't just leave them out for their perusal anymore because they also love to EAT the books.  Neither of the boys did that, but the girls will chew on the corners and we got a couple almost ruined before I took them away.  But before I did that they would bring me books to read.  Our favorite (of all my kids) is Baby Talk and we have motions that we do for every page.

My girls are super sweet and for the most part get along.  I can't wait to see their personalities come through more!

And if you would please vote for the photo of Hope in her Tea Collection dress so we can win some more!  You can vote once a day until the end of the month.

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