Monday, May 06, 2013

Dandelion Wishes!

While we don't actually wish for more dandelions in our yard, I did get some cute pictures of the girls last night!  Hope doesn't like the grass yet so she'll just sit where you put her, but Joy has gotten over it and will just push herself up and walk around.  A little harder to get pictures that way! 

So I didn't get very many good ones of Joy as she kept walking away from me.  But I did get Cory to hand her one dandelion, albeit she was more interested in the stem!

Taking pictures of babies together? Not easy!  They also tripped each other right after this photo.

Hope did NOT know what to think of the dandelions at first...

Where did it go?

She discovered she could wave her arms and make the fluff disappear (yes, we are seeding our yard...)

And both of them tried to eat it!

Both of these adorable dresses are from Tea Collection and I entered one of Hope in a contest to win some more.  So if you have a minute would you please hop over to Facebook and vote for our photo?  Thanks!

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