Friday, May 31, 2013


Imagine a world...

~where my three year old can play outside all day and I don't have to worry about him being kidnapped

~where the food he eats isn't poisoning him from gluten, or GMO corn/other

~where the people next door, down the street, and across the world are not acting out of selfish gain, but for the greater good

~where everyone in the world thinks about how their actions affect others, not just themselves or their small circle of influence

At my oldest's Montessori school they talk about their love light and how things make it grow brighter or dimmer.  Imagine a world where we all cared for other's love lights as much as we did our own.

It all starts with me (and you).  At home, today, how am I choosing to make the love lights around me glow in everything I do?

This is a post prompt from The Gypsy Mama. Join in?


  1. I love this idea of 'love lights.' So often it's easy to only worry about our own, you're right. This is such a good reminder for me to look around and see whose light might need a little encouragement today. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Let the "Love Lights" shine, shine, shine til Jesus comes! :)


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