Friday, July 05, 2013


Becca and Kristen and Mee Sook hiding in the background
It may not look like much, and my friends may not love this picture, but it's my favorite photo from yesterday, 4th of July.

It was a crazy gathering of friends and kids, 16 of each and all the kids under 10.  A literal zoo, if you will.

But almost all of these people I have known since high school and they are my people.  Beautiful inside and out.

We don't have nearly as much time to talk these days, to do crazy things like we used to (unless you count all the kids, that's crazy itself), but even the few brief moments when we do manage to gather are priceless.

To sort of catch up on each other amidst the chaos and the noise, the "stop throwing Legos" and "put your sister down" interruptions.  To know that there is someone else there who understands without words.

These are the friends that are still around when life is busy (and hard).  These are the friends that I'm thankful for.  These are my beautiful friends.

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  1. Oh I so enjoy my friends! They truly are beautiful and give beauty to life itself. Thank you for sharing your friends with us. :) ~Sharon (visiting from FMF)


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