Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dancing Baby Princesses

On Sunday I dug out some tutus that I bought for the girls last fall. They are completely adorable!


We went up to my parent's after church to drop the boys off for swimming lessons this week. The girls have finally figured out how to climb up in Nana's rocking chair!  Which I believe was her high chair when she was little... anyway, it's really old!

The bears usually sit in the chair, but they are good for snuggling! You can't tell me boys and girls are the same... these girls LOVE to snuggle with stuffed animals!  And play pretend with their tea set.  And they adore their shoes and clothes!

True story, I got some new dresses in the mail last week for them for Christmas.  I held them up to see how they would fit then set them aside.  Joy looked down and started crying because she thought she was going to get to wear it!  So we had to try them on!

Brothers were coloring and when they left the table the girls decided it was their turn... to eat crayons!

Books with Nana
I think we may have started to get past the chewing on books stage... but now we are in to the climbing stage!  We are cleaning out their room next week (and finishing painting!) so I can still have a contained space for them.  I picked up a baby gate today as Joy has figured out how to climb up on couches... and then slide over on the other side of our baby wall.  I have also switched their beds because little Miss Flexible put her foot up on the top of the crib railing and was levering herself out tonight!  Her crib is from IKEA and is just about 2 inches shorter than the other old style one.  Just enough!

And finally for your viewing pleasure... Hope LOVES to dance.  This is the bear that Mom's friend brought for the kids and they all love to dance to it, but especially Hope.  It plays Hooked on a Feeling.

Dancing Baby Princess from Krista on Vimeo.

There's your baby update for this week!

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