Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Vacation with Friends

This past weekend we reprized our visit to Couer d'Alene Lake with college friends.  We went in the middle of the summer hoping for hot weather this time... instead it was warm-ish and windy.  Not really conducive to swimming.  Bummer!

But of course we still had a good time! As you can see, it's quite the hike down to the lake...

perfect for when Daddy throws Kix off the deck and you try to catch them in your mouth!

This is the view from the beach back up to the cabin.

We sat on the dock for awhile and stuck our feet in and rode the waves from the passing boats.

Then the boys wanted to wade and really, did I expect that my 3 year old would stay dry even if it was cold???

Here's the little thinker, Eli.  He's the only boy to play with, but the boys were kinda wild and crazy and I think he didn't quite know what to do with them!

He's gonna have some adjusting to do soon though, cuz his Mama is pregnant with twin brothers for him!  Yes, we will now have 2 sets of twins in our group, crazy!

We all mostly look the same, but the kids are bigger... this couch is not going to hold us much longer!

And of course, when there are tons of toys to play with, the box is the favored toy!

Here's our triplet girls, Joy on the left, Amelia, and then Hope.  Amelia was ready to go for a nap in the car.

All these kids around wore her out, but it was super fun to have three little girls!

My girls showing how they are "so big"!

And then the boys found a giant moth on the deck.  Our biologist friend, Sami, moved it out to the front of the house where it wouldn't accidentally fly in the sliding glass door. 

It was pretty cool looking... until we heard it hit the screen door late that night while we were playing games!  And then it was on the name sign by the front door the next day.

The only acceptable form of drinking and driving... that door to the left of Hope opens to a set of really steep stairs to the basement with a cinderblock wall at the bottom.  We were super careful to keep it closed except for one time when I went to wash some things in the bathtub downstairs... I had been there maybe 3 minutes and heard a "Hiya!" from behind me and turned around to find that Joy had come down all by herself.  Heart attack!  Thankfully she is much better at going down feet first on her tummy than Hope.

We attempted swimming again the last day as it was slightly warmer... but the water was still pretty cold.  We all sat on the dock and watched the boats go by.  The girls liked to kick in the water, but their toes got cold.

And I think all the kids were in the box at some point, but I didn't get any pictures of the boys.

All in all we stayed up too late, compared pregnancy stories (the girls at least!) and had a good time relaxing with friends!

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