Monday, November 18, 2013

An Apple from the Teacher

Last week on the same day as the Veteran's Day assembly there was an awards assembly at 8:30am.
And yes I actually made it there with the three little ones only a few minutes late!

Cory got An Apple from the Teacher for being a hard worker and always turning in his best work.  Also for getting better about getting started so he can finish his work on time!  The teacher loves his company, but not at recess when it's her break time!  My little social man!

He didn't know I was coming so it was fun when he finally realized I was there!  I'm surprised he didn't pick up on his sisters fussing in the stroller!

I'm very impressed with his teacher after having been in the classroom a couple of times.  She's a very good teacher and very kind with the students.  Cory always has nice things to say about her.  First grade has been good to us so far!

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