Friday, November 15, 2013


Last week at my oldest's school they had a special assembly for Veteran's Day.  They asked the kids to invite any veterans they knew and/or bring photos of veterans that were special to them.  Cory took photos of his Papa (my dad) and two of his great grandfathers.

I've thought more than once over the last few years about how blessed my children are to have such a strong heritage of people in their family tree.  Grandparents on both sides that are lovingly involved in their lives as well as praying for them.  More than a few great grandparents that cared for them and they were able to know at least for a few years.

I've thought about how much your family influences who you become much more than you may realize when you are young.  And how we can make choices that affect those around us as well as our children.  This is my family tree.

A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children... 
~Proverbs 13:22

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  1. This is such a good scripture to remember, I want to go write it out now. Great post, you're blessed to have such a legacy!


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