Thursday, November 14, 2013


The blog has been a little quiet this past week...  we all caught some creeping crud of a cold and apparently mine has turned into pneumonia.  Never had that before.
Makes me feel much worse for my oldest son that we let him go almost a month with the coughing this summer before taking him in to be diagnosed too.  I could only handle it for a week.
I even got an inhaler, never used one of those before either.  I'm feeling old.

I love this time of year too and I'm missing out.  The sunrise is actually late enough that I can enjoy it without being completely bleary-eyed!  This was taken 2 weeks ago, before the time change, just as Cory was going out to catch the bus.  I love living this far down in the valley where the hills don't block the sunrise and sunsets.  And that my house faces east/west so I get to see them frequently!

Today it was in the 50's and sunny, a beautiful day to play outside.  I'm thankful that Noah got to go play with his little friends Jasmine and Lily while their mom watched the girls so I could go to the doctor in peace.

Now, to being able to enjoy the fall a little more... and write about the girls who will be 20 months in 2 days!

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