Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween Cuties!

The girls before we carved the last two pumpkins... can you tell who is who?*

These are my munchkins! Cory was a very authentic pirate since he lost one of his front teeth just last week!


Daddy decided to be a beard. Nothing like asking me to help him sew his costume the night before Halloween... (with Hope) So this year I was the only one without a costume... unless you count photographer!

We let them walk a little bit, until we were holding up the line. Hope was absolutely fascinated by the candy and trying to figure out how to open it! When I finally picked her up I was feeding her M&M's out of my pocket and she was making the sign for "more"!

Monster Noah! This guy comes to church every year with his Metropolitan. It's such a cool car! (please excuse the wet bag for candy! I totally spaced on anything to collect candy in! Good think my coat has huge pockets!)

After the walk around to all the cars they have hotdogs and hot chocolate and popcorn.  The girls were feeding each other...

Then we walked over to a friend's who lives right around the corner and let the kids terrorize his house.  The girls found his candy bowl... it's a good thing they can't open wrappers yet!

Happy Halloween!

*In the top picture, Hope is on the left and Joy on the right.  The only reason I know for sure is because I have a photo taken a minute earlier that I know is Joy and it has the yellow dot right under her chin!

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