Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Book: Aloha Also Means Goodbye

Aloha Also Means Goodbye is the story of a girl, Jo, who heads to Hawaii to renew her wedding vows with Jordan, the man who saved her when she was beyond broken. When she arrives on the island she discovers that Andy, part of the reason she needed fixing, is there too. With the help of her two best friends, and despite the meddling of her mother, Jo has to face down her past in order to move on with her future.


This was such a fun read!  It's a little longer than average at just over 300 pages, but I read the whole thing this weekend while we were having our garage sale.

So, I expected the book to turn out a certain way, but I was pleasantly surprised, just when I thought for sure I had it figured out it changed, just enough to keep me on my toes!

I also expected this to be a really light read and while it was fun and easy, I appreciated that the characters had depth and reasons behind what they did rather than just being shallow.

The whole story takes place in less than a week, but because you see events through multiple sets of eyes it feels like much more time has passed.  The majority of the story is told by Jo, but her best friends, her ex, and her husband all get to share their point of view as well.

This is a story about relationships, what it takes to make them work, and how to keep them when things go badly, very very badly.

I recommend it!

Aloha Also Means Goodbye is currently available in Kindle format and should be out in paperback soon!


Jessica Rosenberg is a blogger and social media maven that I've had the pleasure of knowing online for quite a few years.  You can find her at It's Jessica's Life.

I was provided this book by the author so I could share my review.

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