Monday, June 09, 2014

Cozy Wall Art Review

I have a Cricut and a few years back I bought some vinyl to make my own wall decals.

Do I have any of those decals on my walls?  No.  I simply don't have the time or the patience to do those kinds of projects these days!

So, there are plenty of companies that will make custom wall art for you, one of them being Cozy Wall Art.

Sherry was a pleasure to work with and provided me with a custom piece of lettering for my home.  I even said I wanted some words bigger than others and her designers did it perfectly.

I picked this verse out for my bedroom because it's important to both me and my husband and it's what I originally intended to put up years ago!

The directions were quite simple and honestly it probably took about half an hour to put the whole thing up.  The only tool you might need is a level!

Unfortunately, I got distracted halfway through and didn't finish the last line until a week later!  Which meant I did it WRONG and ended up with one word crooked. (as you can see above "your" slants down)  Thankfully, the stickers are re-positionable to a small extent and after a few tries it's at least acceptable to my type A personality!

Overall?  A fabulous experience at some of the best prices I've seen for unique wall art!

A few more technical notes.

  • Goes up quick
  • highly customizable
  • non-permanent for rentals 
  • easy installation IF you follow the directions!

  • Non permanent - not good for anywhere little fingers might like to peel
  • May not stick well on highly textured walls without an extra step - see this article on the Cozy site. (mine are borderline, but since it's in a place that no one will ever touch it I'm not going to do the extra step)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Cozy Wall Art ( All opinions expressed are my own.

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