Friday, June 06, 2014


When I saw the theme last night I wondered, how do I write about hands?  Especially after reading the featured post where the author talks about her mother's hands.  It's sweet and nostalgic and lovely.

And then my toddler decided to color all over the couch this morning...

Thank goodness these are the washable crayons and not big brother's crayons that don't wash out.

But then it occurred to me that hands are the things that do everything.  Hands can be used for good or bad, to hurt or to help, to create or destroy.

Our mouths may tell what's in our heart, but with our hands we carry out the things that we choose to do.

Do we hug or hit? (remember, toddlers in the house)  Do we make or break?  Do we help out or ignore?

I know my girls aren't really old enough to understand intentions and they certainly don't understand the messes they make that are so frustrating to me!

But it makes me think, what are the intentions behind my hands today?

This is a post prompt from Lisa-Jo. Join in? If you don't have a blog or don't want to write there I'd love to have you write with me, even in the comments!

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  1. Are your girls twins? (Don't you hate that question?) LOL... I have 2 boys, plus b/g I'm always excited to find new twin mommy friends.

    Anwyays- dropping by from FMF... glad I did!


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