Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Uncles are Cool

On Father's Day we had lunch with my parents and then crashed a BBQ at my brother's house (he invited my parents and didn't realize we were there too!)

After everyone was appropriately fed the kids got to check out the bulldozer he was using to level some ground.

Even the girls had to get in on it, but when he was going to start it up they came off and good thing too as Joy started shaking in my arms.

We were standing in front of it, but about 15 feet back, but I guess it was too much and she was pointing back towards the house so they went in.

The boys however... got a ride!

And then they got to drive!

I don't know anything about driving a bulldozer, but I guess there are multiple things you have to do at the same time.  So they got to work the pedals.

Watch out, little man driving!

I love how you can just see Noah's eyes over the top!

Having a cool uncle around is fun stuff!

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