Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Fun

Easter weather was perfect for us yesterday.  We actually made it to church on time, an hour earlier than normal.  That's an Easter miracle right there.

Then we went up to Nana and Papa's house and rode tricycles in the street.

This is Joy

I forgot to grab the second one from our house so they had to share... horrors!


This is Hope

Then we hid the eggs all around the back yard and let the kids loose.

Joy found the ones up high in the tree

Hope couldn't reach this one

There it is Daddy, please get it for me!

Joy had no trouble finding her quota, while Hope needed some suggestions.

Checking all the places...

I promise the boys got theirs too, they just move waaaay too fast for pictures!

Checking out the loot!

Mmm, chocolate!

And then we attempted to get a nice family photo...

This is probably actually more accurate of our life anyway!

Hoping you and yours had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Your family is adorable!!! <3

  2. great pictures! At least you can get all of yours in one place long enough to take a picture! :) I think ours might only be together and still when they are sleeping in a tent or eating at the table (the table is a little iffy)


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