Friday, April 17, 2015

Saddle Rock Adventures

Nana took the sisters for a couple of days so I took Noah on a hike I knew they wouldn't be able to do. We had a blast and my little five year old would have beat me to the top if I let him!

View near the bottom. That's where we're going!

We saw all kinds of nature on the way. A spider that wanted to hide under my shoe in the shadow. This snake crossing the trail. Noah touched it. Then a very large black beetle. And finally a large flying ant thing that was walking and carrying a caterpillar pupae that was bigger than it was!

We also learned all about erosion as the trail has a crevasse in it most of the way.

We climbed all the way to the top and sat on the right part of the saddle for our snack.

Top of the world! The view is so worth it! 

This is my valley!

On the way down we were in a bit of a hurry so guess who fell? The mom, and banged up her knee.

The flowers were still gorgeous, but they're getting to the end of their spring run. Pretty soon everything will be dry and brown again.

One of the highlights, we had to stop and use the crooked potty of course!

It's so different just having one child and this one needs his mom time, poor middle child. But we had an awesome hike!

Then off to Lowe's to have a kitchen cabinet consultation... overwhelming!

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