Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I finally managed to find the actual original blog that came up with this idea. It's here. And I resolve to be more thankful. It really helps with your attitude... especially when you didn't get enough sleep!

But that's half the reason I'm thankful today. Last night we stayed up way too late because when we went to bed everything was silly and we laid in bed laughing until we were all worked up and couldn't go to sleep. So then we got up and Brian did the dishes and I don't remember what I did, but finally we went back to bed/sleep about midnight. And we were still kind of giggly!
Which reminds me of a silly thing that I thought of while going to bed. See, I'm not one who thinks making the bed is really that important. I know, I drove my mother crazy when I was growing up, but when all you have is a sheet and a comforter and you don't mess them up while you're sleeping why bother making the bed? All you have to do is pull up the sheet/comforter and it's ready to climb in again.
Now, Brian on the other hand can not even get into the bed without pulling out all the corners with his feet (I've given up tucking anything in) and generally making things all bunched up. Which means that by morning the bed is one jumbled mess of sheets and quilts. And I like my sheets to be pulled tight and smooth top and bottom thankyouverymuch! Which means that every night 2 minutes before I go to bed I'm making the bed. And of course this brings no end of hilarity to my husband because I'm so exacting about it! I'll even make him get out of bed just so I can make the bed because of course he's gotten in when it's all jumbled because he just doesn't care! This is also the same man who can fall asleep with 3 seconds notice (you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not!) so he doesn't really care where he sleeps!

The other thing I'm thankful for today is modern medicine. Even though it hurts me to watch Cory get shots at least I know that he won't come down with that handful of deadly and debilitating diseases. Sometimes I think it would be nice to go back a hundred years because "they didn't have all our modern problems". How silly! They just had other problems like more obvious racism and deadly diseases rather than terrorism and wars - well, they had some of those too... in general I am very glad to be living when I am!

And so today I am again tired, but Cory slept until 6 this morning so I at least got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which is a beautiful thing!


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I enjoy reading your blog Krista! Taylor got shots last week also - just about broke my heart. One of them left a good bruise on her leg. She certainly knows how to get sympathy though - she crawled onto Gramma's lap and said "May I please have a present because the lady poked me?"

  2. Anonymous4:53 AM

    However you found me, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet and encouraging message! Things have been tough, that's for sure. I think I need to try this Thankful Thursday thing. It can't hurt!

    BTW, your baby is ADORABLE!


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