Monday, September 03, 2007


This is what I call Cory when he's just being too cute for words! Other nicknames I have for him: punkin', sweetheart, and Mr. Cranky Pants (self explanatory).
This last one my dad thinks is hilarious and he thought it was rather appropriate for the captain of their fishing boat a few weeks back. He didn't call her that to her face, but told another friend who was going the following week. That friend ended up with the same captain and actually called her Mrs. Crabby Pants - much to the chagrin of his wife and son who were also along. We don't know if she really was cranky or just having a bad day, but being called that meant she was in a REALLY bad mood the day his friend went!

Unfortunately Cory has a cold right now so he is rather cranky and wants to sleep a lot as well as has a very snotty face! Poor guy!

So, here are some more of my adorababy pictures from the last month... we have about 700 pictures from August... I think it might be time for a break!

Here's the new Herling/Ruark family! Minus Daddy who's taking the picture.

Me and Grandpa, we like playing together!

Mommy, Daddy, and Cory went to the beach by themselves 2 days before the wedding. We went for a walk on the beach and Cory fell asleep. Good thing Mom's sweatshirt is big enough to zip up around me!

Wait, we went to the ocean? No way, Mom, I don't believe you!

I love taking baths! This is in Grandma's utility sink! And when we got home we discovered that I'm almost too big for my baby bath tub. Mom's going to have to think of something else now!

This is my new Pooh Bear that Auntie Kelly brought me from DisneyWorld. It's just my size and I love his bright yellow and red colors! He doesn't taste as funny as the bunny either so I like to chew/drool on him!

This is my Uncle Kevin's dog, Mara. And in this picture Mom thinks I look just like Uncle Kevin did as a baby!

And finally, look at my teeth! Aren't they great! I'm such a smiley guy even if I do have a cold!

On another topic, tomorrow is the first day of school for Brian so if you all could send up some prayers for the first day and for a good year that would be great! He's teaching 2 algebra classes and 3 segmented math classes - which are classes that have to do with passing the state math test for those kids who didn't. And he's actually the most excited about these 3.

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  1. Thank for stopping by the ol blog. I love to have new visitors. You have a beautiful family and what a precious little guy you have.


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