Sunday, September 16, 2007

Young Marrieds becomes Young Parents

Tonight was our first "official" meeting of our small group. There are 4 couples, 2 with children, 2 with girls on the way! We're going to tell the pastor in charge of small groups that our group is growing... from within! It's so fun! But we're going to have to move since the lovely Wares who have been hosting are the next due for an "addition" in about 3 weeks. I guess that means I'll have to clean up around here a little more often... or at least in December and January since that's when we're on the schedule to be hosts!
And I hope Leana and I didn't scare Hawley and Katie with all the things that happen to you when you give birth... and there was so much to talk about that we didn't even get around to praying for our prayer requests. oops! Guess we should be a little better at that. Like the leader of the Mom's Bible study that we're all in said this week. If we don't pray first it won't happen because we women like to talk (nah, really?). The other cool thing is that Katie and Leana and I are all in that Mom's Bible study! (Hawley's still teaching)

In other mom news... if you ever feel the need to vent and you worry about who might read it... there is a new blog called Mom's Turn. (I'm sure you don't even have to be a mom to vent!) Somehow this sort of seems like gossip or something. But I have run across the feeling myself. Sometimes it might even be a funny story I want to tell, but don't want to hurt someone's feelings. So this is the anonymous solution. And maybe you'll have an ingenious solution to someone else's problem...

On another note: we went shopping today (hooray for a 50% sale!) at Macy's and bought me a real live suitcase! Now, before you wonder why I'm getting all excited about this... let's just say running through an airport trying to catch a plane connection and having to carry all your stuff is not exactly fun! I have personally had this experience (we missed the plane anyway) and it would have been waaaaaay easier with this handy suitcase on wheels! And of course it's fun to have a new suitcase since I'm still using a sport bag from high school. The last suitcase I can remember having was when I was a kid and it was a sky blue hard case that was a hand me down from my grandmother... wonder what ever happened to it anyway...
Here's to traveling more in the future!


  1. Hi! I saw you over at Mom's Turn.

    I really liked your "ingenious" answer to the the 1st question posed [Am I a Lazy SAHM]

  2. Yay, Krista! I hope you get to travel more, too!! :-) I need new suitcases, too. Mine was falling apart coming back from the honeymoon...literally, I think I lost a wheel somewhere along the line. Anyway, happy traveling!!!

  3. Mom's Turn sounds like a great idea! I'll check it out!!

    I would have never thought getting a suitcase would be a great gift...until I used it!! Best gift ever!!


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