Monday, September 24, 2007

What do I say?

This post is way harder for me to write than anything else. I've just had some friends who had a miscarriage this weekend. They were 10 or 11 weeks along. (Mrs. Chappy in my sidebar) I've had so many friends miscarry in the last year that it just seems too common. Not common for the one having it, but every time I wonder why. What caused this. Why did I get to have a relatively easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. (albeit with a bit of weirdness for the first 6 weeks after he was born) It makes me want to just be with my boy all the time.
And then there was the blog I found through Rocks in My Dryer about the little girl born just last week with Trisomy-18. It's not Down's Syndrome, but they didn't expect her to be born alive, let alone live this long. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. They're asking for prayers for their family and their little girl, Copeland.
But actually the post just before that one, Shannon was talking about her faith. It was something I needed to hear(read?).
Somehow through all the craziness God is still there. He never said it would be easy although sometimes I think we think it should be since we're Christians. Is it that He's trying to get our attention because we're too complacent or simply this is what must happen for the bigger picture and His Glory to be proclaimed?

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