Monday, September 24, 2007

Diaper Dilemma (and contests)

For any mom's out there who use cloth diapers... I need some advice. What kind do you use? Where do you get them? What do you like best about them? Did you have any trouble getting used to them in the beginning?

I ordered a few Happy Heinys and got them last week. After getting them ready to use (lots of washing) we used them last night. There was no major leakage which was good - that's been a problem with all kinds, but they were a little soggy around the leg openings. And how in the world do you tell when they're wet and/or need to be changed? Do you have to change them after every little pee? That would seem to require an inordinate amount of diapers (and these things are expensive!)

Please leave me your thoughts! I'm definitely interested in this for multiple reasons (landfills anyone?), but not sure what might be the best option.

Now, on with the other fun stuff!

DE Reviews has some CUTE baby onesies and T's by SATee's. They each have a very large vocabulary word on them that supposedly describes your child. I think the one for Cory should be gregarious! Do you know what it means?

The other one is for kid's room bedding and decorations. I would LOVE this stuff! It's at An Island Life and the company giving the stuff away is the Warm Biscuit Bedding Company (how's that for a name!)


  1. I know what gregarious means!!

  2. oh my gosh, Krista, I didn't know you were using cloth diapers! Way to go! I am using them with Annelise, too. I would be happy to email you about it if you want.


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