Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 months old!

Wow, this past month has gone flying by. So Cory turned 8 months old yesterday and the day before that we went to the doctor... he still only weighs 20 pounds (which kind of surprises me), but he's 30 1/2 inches tall! That's off the charts! No wonder all his clothes are still baggy yet too short! ;)

The bunny is his friend now and he can hold him rather than the other way around!

He's also discovered that he has control of his tongue in the last week or so... and he plays with his bottom teeth. It's really cute! He's also started sticking his tongue out just a little bit with his lips closed. Also completely adorable of course! Oh, and I almost forgot to add, he's gotten 3 new teeth this month. Two on top and one more on the bottom.

I tried for the naked baby photo shoot, but I don't really have the right backgrounds...

I do like how this one turned out though!

Maybe tomorrow I'll get the pictures up that I took today of the snow. It was so pretty! Too bad it was just barely freezing and it's all sloppy now. Here's hoping that it's making a good base for skiing!!!


  1. Oh my! He is adorable!! Love the last picture with all the blues. Happy 8 months, Cory!

  2. When Bossyboy was that age he could flip his tongue sideways. We've tried to get him to do it now but I guess he doesn't realize he can do it and we can't show him how to do it..since well neither hub or I can do it. :) Cute Pics!

  3. What a cutie! My little one is almost 7 months old, and I can't believe she'll soon be doing everything your little guy is doing!

    btw: I posted my meme. Check it out!

  4. What a cutie! Congrats, Mama, on making it this far!

  5. He is so handsome!


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