Sunday, November 18, 2007

Truck, What Truck?

Oh, you mean the one that feels like it ran me over yesterday?

Yeah, that truck.

This should have been a post about the show we went to see Friday night (Cats!) and how it was a fun date because my mom came and watched Cory and we actually got to go out by ourselves and then afterwards we went out for dessert.

It's the last part that was the kicker though. See, we went to Denny's and I had a Brownie Sunday. And then it came back to haunt me all day yesterday with what I'm pretty sure was food poisoning. I lost the whole day in bed while my body tried to get rid of and recover from that horrid brownie concoction. Which, by the way, I didn't even finish because it was so huge.


On a happier note though, Cory is starting to crawl! Put something he wants just out of reach and he will do this army crawl on his elbows to get to it! It's really cute! He can really get around!
Yesterday while he was hanging out with Daddy all day he was trying to get into all the computer parts strewn about the living room floor. Daddy was helping his friend Brian put together a new computer. I'm so glad it was Saturday so he could be home and take care of Cory for me while I puked my guts out. Yay.

I hope your weekends were better than mine!

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  1. Oh, man, nothing will ruin good chocolate faster than bad food handling! Denny's is particularly bad about handling their food, in my experience. I've gotten more cases of food poisoning after eating there than anywhere else.

    You are in for a fun, fun, fun few months ahead! Once they figure out the movement thing, there is NO STOPPING 'EM!


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