Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What day is it today?

Man, this holiday business totally messes me up. Seriously all day yesterday I thought it was Monday. And then I realized that I had Bible study this morning and the rest of my week is too busy to clean my house! I hate it when I lose a day! (and in case you're wondering why I didn't clean my house yesterday... I did 7 loads of laundry!)

But it can't be all bad since we went to Spokane to visit Sami, Brian's friend from college - who I actually spent 3 weeks living on her floor! And never met Brian... how random is that!
While there we got to go shopping (oh the joys of living in a small town in the middle of nowhere!) and I got a breathable mesh bumper and teething guards for Cory's new crib, some adorable little snow boots!!! (not that he'll really need them for the snow, but mostly for the cold - and the kid is wearing a size 6+ already! The size 5 didn't fit and they didn't have a 6... sheesh!), and my all time favorite lotion from Victoria's Secret - Love Spell!

Then I had randomly invited our (well, my parents') postman and his wife for dinner tonight so that was fun as we haven't seen them in ages (they used to be in a small group with us). He loved playing with Cory and is wishing his boys would get married so he can have his own grandkids!

By the way, I also had another bazaar on Saturday. I was expecting this one to be a lot better as it was big and advertised... no such luck. I spent most of the day sounding like a broken record "yes, some of our toys are made in China, but they are companies that we have been doing business with for years. We also do all our own quality control here in the States and we've never had a recall in 30 years of business." Unfortunately some people stopped listening when I said China and that really hurt. But honestly, you think I would let my baby play with toys I didn't think were safe? This is why it's a small company (relatively speaking) and the toys are not cheap. They're not super expensive either, but they're just not as cheap as Walmart...

The one good thing was I called the lady who won my door prize and she decided that she wanted to host a party. Woo hoo! I guess this means I probably should call all the other people as well just to see what business I can drum up. Ugh. I'm so not a saleswoman... wish me luck!

Last buy not least: Please check out this cool website - Lisa Leonard! I would love to win the contest over at An Island Life so I could get the mini-open circle necklace with Cory on it and then be able to add more names later!
And then there's one at Crunchy Domestic Goddess for an all natural cleaning solution by Lily's Garden Herbals. Gotta admit, it will probably be better on the nose (and the brain cells?) than all the chemical ones.

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  1. You funny girl! ~lol~

    I have red hair! I thought everyone knew that I guess! ~lol~

    Great to see you today! :)


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