Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Look Who's Trouble!

would be my son who is now in crawling mode! I know it doesn't really get the full effect with a still camera (although he's darn cute!). I took a few pictures and then he decided he wanted to come see the camera. The flash really gets his attention.

Notice the location of the yellow block...

Now he's closer...

Then I set the camera down on the floor and he really wanted to investigate it... which I didn't exactly think was wise! So I moved it behind me and lo and behold he knew it was there even though it was out of his sight (object permanence anyone?) and went right around me to get it. And I'm talking pretty fast, too!

He's also found the corner where I "used" to keep my magazines. They need a new home now before they get torn all to shreds! Since he can now go forward rather than just rolling sideways, this little corner is pretty interesting!

And here he is with his Kix. He feeds himself both Kix and Cheerios, by the fistful! (of course they go all over the floor too!)
In the last week he's gotten 2 new teeth, one on the top and a 3rd on the bottom. I'm also expecting to see the 2nd one on the top any minute because I can see the gum all pushed out.

My apologies to Grandma and Grandpa R... I said I'd have these up yesterday and I didn't. Hope you enjoy them anyway! ;) As if you wouldn't like seeing pictures of your great-grandson, right? I guess I've been slacking as these are the first ones all month. But I'm sure we'll get plenty this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa here for Thanksgiving!

Everyone drive safe and enjoy your holiday!


  1. Watch Out!!! Just in time for Turkey Day :)

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    That is such a neat thing to watch - when they start moving around!

  3. Just started crawling? You might as well give him the keys, because now you've lost control.

  4. Crawling! Now you will have to do the daily decorating that comes with having a mobile child. I'm ready to just install shelving up high on every wall, because now that my son is walking he gets into everything!

  5. Ah, yes...the Kix on the floor. One of many reasons why we own a dog. She does a great job of cleaning up after the kids.

  6. just be glad hes only started crawling now, its no fun when they start moving at 4.5 months!!! seriously, not good.

    he's such a cutie pie. love those eyes. and we have the same highchair, love that thing!! although mine is currently on the floor in the living room so i can feed him while i watch tv -- does that make me a bad mom??


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