Sunday, September 07, 2008


Welcome to the house of sick. Both Cory and I caught some horrible nasty cold. Since I have been totally out of it for the last two days I will leave you with a few cute things my son has done this week.

First, while I was doing something in the kitchen this week I started hearing "baa, baa" coming from the living room. I looked over to see Cory sitting with a flap book in his lap. He had found the flap with the mountain goat under it and was pointing at it saying "baa, baa". Very adorable.

This is the book that our friend Holly sent us since her son Carter loves flap books, too! (Yes, I know he's sitting in the middle of a pile of toys - that's the way he likes it!)

Cory also loves to play peek-a-boo. Behind any object. And he has finally figured out that you put your hands over your eyes, not at the side of your face (although that was pretty cute while it lasted!).

Friday we were at my parents doing some more painting - still not done yet - and on a side note: if you buy some paint with an additive and then buy the same color without the additive? They won't be the same color. The garage door panels all have to be repainted now since we touched up with the paint without an additive. Ugh.

During dinner Cory was walking around (he already ate) and the puppy was barking outside. My mom said, "be quiet, Cayenne" and pretty soon Cory's walking around the corner to the sliding glass door and we hear "quiet" from Cory!

He did that a couple times and then on one return trip he stopped in front of the refrigerator and without even hesitating pushed the lever for the water dispenser... and got a face full of water. I happened to see it and he was so scared he was upset, but it was just too funny. We were all laughing hard and mom was trying to comfort him while laughing. Then she got out a cup and showed him how to get water in it. He thought that was fantastic, especially the ice part because it makes a lot of noise. (he has gotten himself with the water before... I wonder how many times it will take him to learn!)


My son has learned how to climb. I'm thankful that he waited much longer than my brother (9 months!) and is just now climbing at 17 months. He can now climb up on the rocking chair and thinks it's great fun to rock himself. I have to make sure he stays sitting down though since he already fell off once trying to climb from the chair to the loveseat.

Grandma bought Cory these shoes the other day. See, Grandpa H, they have cars on them! Cory is thrilled to have shoes! with cars!

In other climbing news, I was stuffing the diapers yesterday and had the dryer open. Cory loved the dryer already, but when he figured out he could climb in himself...

1st one foot...

Then the other

What a fantastic seat!

And the proper dismount - head first!

Don't worry Grandpa, I can't open the door myself and Mommy keeps it closed unless she's right there with me! ;)

Also last night I laid him down for a nap and he wasn't wanting to sleep. (The sick is making both of us cranky and off our sleep schedules) After a little while I hear this "thump" and then the "I'm hurt" cry. I go running in there (it's dark) and the crying is not coming from the crib, but from the floor next to it.

He managed to climb up high enough that he somehow fell out of his crib! I'm so glad he wasn't hurt! We figured out that he used the guide system on the drop down rail to get a toe hold. Since we never use that feature we just turned the crib around so that side's facing the wall and voile, no more toeholds!

We also had to put a latch on the top drawer of his dresser since he can reach it from his crib and was taking everything out (diaper supplies) and sometimes also pinching his fingers.

My life just got a little more crazy!


  1. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Yup, once they find out they can get into things . . . watch out! LOL!

  2. LOVE the dryer photos. Hooray for having your camera ready at all the right moments!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a fun comment.

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    They'll find everything you don't want them too.

    I wonder what it is with sheep and saying Baaa. The Bean was fascinated with my chasing her and saying Baaa while holding a toy sheep. Funny girl!


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