Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Kid's Classic!

This is where I tell you about my Cory's favorite board book. Which is of course a book that I remember from when I was little!

Jamberry by Bruce Degan

I found this book while browsing at the OSU bookstore last Christmas and decided I MUST HAVE IT! (on a related note, this college bookstore has the best selection of children's books I've ever seen and I am for sure buying one new book every time we go visit the in-laws there!)

Jamberry is the rhyming story of the bear and the boy and how they find all kinds of berries. The pictures are adorable and the story is just fun to read. I never get tired of it and this is one of very few books that my 17 month old son will currently sit all the way through!

This is a book that we will enjoy for years!

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  1. We LOVE this book. And we're in Corvallis. You've gotta hit up The Book Bin next time you are here. Or Browsers books. =D (How cool to see your review here.)

    We've been reading that book all summer long while berry picking and jamming. Great fun!

  2. I love rhyming books for kids. They are so much fun to read aloud and, I don't know, just love the rythem (I know that's spelled wrong...) of the words.
    Great pictures too. I'm going to go home and pull it out for my grandson.

  3. Thank you for asking (about the book banning), sometimes I write so fast that I don't always explain myself well. I'm against book banning
    in general. I have children, (grown now), grandchildren, who I would prefer to have "age appropriate" books. And as I said, although not very well, I do believe that parents have an obligation to direct and guide their children to books they find appropriate...whether I agree with those choices or not, I'm okay with that. It's just in general.
    Even tho my parents...long long ago, had rules, I snuck read! That was the worst of my rebellion. I read books way beyond what I should have...so those are only fond memories of my youth. But I guess there are tons worth things.
    You surprised me. I didn't think anyone but my friends actually read my blog...and they usually know what I'm talking about.
    So, to recap... LOL
    No on banning books in general, but yes to age appropriate guidelines for children.
    Does that make sense?
    And I'm from Washington too... originally. Which part are you from?

  4. Anonymous4:55 AM

    This looks like a cute one - I'll be on the watch for it for my girls!

  5. That one does look cute! Another to add to the library list. :)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS WE LOVE THIS BOOK! It does not seem to matter the age, even Brant and I love it! We are on our 3rd copy!


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