Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Many Faces of Amber

PhotoStory Friday
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Doing some editing of past pictures so they can be uploaded to Shutterfly, saved, and deleted from my computer. (Computer has less than 10% of free space on hard drive due to thousands of pictures and this is making it run REALLY REALLY slow!)

Came across this series from 2 summers ago at my hubby's high school reunion. His best friend's wife Amber was showing just how versatile her face can be when telling a story...


Jason's talking about something
Amber begins...


Ah, bliss

or not.

A closer look at that face

She cracks herself up

And that, is the wonderful world of Amber!

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  1. Now THAT's a girl who looks like she's full of fun. Love the facials!

  2. Love the animation you captured! She looks like a kick to have around!!

  3. Animated story tellers are the best kind.

  4. Awww Amber looks like a fun storyteller! :)

  5. Ahahaha! Everybody should have a friend like that. She sounds great! (Love the photos story idea...)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. It was fun to hear from you.


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