Thursday, October 02, 2008

18 Months!

Hi Grandmas and Grandpas! (and aunties!)

Sorry I've been such a slacker lately with the Cory pictures! (as in it's been almost a month since you've had recent pictures and I'm 4 days late with this even) Oops!

So, without further ado... here's what we've been up to this month!

Warning: Unabashed cuteness ahead!

I like to play in water, even when the sprinklers come on unexpectedly in the middle of the day!

I like to play peek-a-boo with Mommy at the park!

This is me on Auntie Wendy's treadmill! We went to visit her in Seattle when Daddy and Grandma had a class there. She has a real live bunny and lots of things to play with at her house!

This is me playing with my sticks in the backyard. Yes, Mommy lets me go outside in my pajamas

(shh, don't tell, we even went to Arby's in our pajamas tonight when we went to pick up Daddy from school!)

This is my monkey face. I LOVE BANANAS!

This is me and Grandpa reading books. I like books, and Grandpas!

This is me checking out the cool toys at Becca's house after she had her baby. I kept myself pretty well occupied while Mommy was busy helping!

I like to go to my friend Anna's house. I know her name and tell Mommy. She has a HUGE yard and fun things to push around and play with!

I surprised Mommy by climbing up and going down the slide all by myself!

Hey, it's my bunny!

We're just chillin'...

It's hard to imagine that the bunny was bigger than me... for a couple months anyway!

I'm standing on the slats for my new bed. Daddy bought it for me at IKEA! You can see it if you click on this link. I got the plain pine one. I'll get to try it soon, but not quite yet.

In other news, I went to the doctor this month and found out that I am still a big boy! I weigh 29 pounds (with a soggy diaper), but that's only 75th percentile. I'm almost 34 inches tall and that's the 95th percentile! My head is in the 95th percentile range too, but Mommy can't remember what the measurement was.

I have 16 teeth now, but I'm starting to be a picky eater. I'm not a huge fan of meat, but I love peas and lots of fruit (like bananas!). I can tell Mommy what I want sometimes.

We got a new mailbox this month with a key and when Mommy asks if I want to get the mail I say "key" because I get to carry it and open the box! I love keys and I'll steal yours so watch out!

I point out lots of things outside like trees and cars and trucks. I know bushes and flowers, too! But sticks and rocks are still my favorite toys.

I also know lots of animals and the sounds they make. Sometimes I get a bit confused with horses, donkeys, and cows and mix them all up. But I know bears and turtles and kitties and doggies and frogs and giraffes and sheep!

I really like Elmo and I'm so excited that Mommy got me a new big boy towel with Elmo on it!!!

I'm getting really good at repeating words (so watch what you say!) and I say what I'm doing/or what I want like "hug" and "outside" or "sad" and "tired" and definitely "up"!

Mommy thinks back to March when I was born... and then she remembers that it was March a whole year and a half ago not just this spring! I have grown up so much, I'm not a baby anymore!


  1. He is just too cute :) I know you're a proud mama of your beautiful boy! And it sounds like he's doing great!!

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    so cute! my little boy will be 18 months on the 29th and he's only 19lbs! I'd hate to know what percentile that is *grin*


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