Friday, October 17, 2008

Sponsor a Reader

I'm sure you've heard of walk-a-thons, no? It seems like there's a new one every month for some worthy cause or another.

But have you ever heard of a read-a-thon?

Well, My Friend Amy and her mother are over at The Friendly Book Nook doing a read-a-thon this weekend for 24 hours straight! I would totally join in... if I didn't have a toddler that required me to be awake AND functioning the day after doing something like that!

And what is the cause that they are supporting?

Compassion International!

More specifically the Global Food Crisis Fund.

I was just reading an article in a brochure I got from Compassion this week. The price of basic food staples in Africa has tripled in the past year. I can't even begin to imagine what that would look like for my family budget let alone a family below the poverty level. That is in addition to a drought that has been going on in some parts of Africa for four years now.

This is a desperate situation and Compassion is doing all it can to support children and their families around the world. But the rising price of food is affecting both the supply and the demand. Compassion has to pay more and more families need help.

So Amy is asking for people to sponsor her. She's not picky! You can sponsor her per hour, per book (about 5 books), or simply just make a donation. She'll be updating all day so you can see how her reading is going over at The Friendly Book Nook and let her know that you are supporting Compassion.

Or you can do more than just give a one time gift. Head on over to the Compassion website and look at all the children who are waiting for a sponsor. You can give the gift of hope! That's what daily meals and an education look like for these children and their families. Hope for the future!

What are you waiting for? Go!


  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Hey what a GREAT idea- thanks for the link!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word, Krista!


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