Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Friendship through blogging?

It's true! I have made some fun friends through my blog. A little peak into their world, sometimes half a world away!

Such is the case today since my friend Grace of Sandier Pastures (from Dubai!) has given me this lovely award.
This award is in Portuguese and translated says, “This blog invests and believes, in proximity” [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close'].

In some ways I have actually become closer through blogging to some friends in real life! So the people I am passing this award on to are mostly them, as well as those who I have developed a relationship with through comments and emails.

You're supposed to pass this on to eight friends... but I'm an over-achiever!

I bestow this award upon: Mama Griffith, Rachel, Katie, Mrs. Chappy, Molly, and Audra - all friends in real life - as well as Blithe, Jenn, Mrs. Mustard, and Dr. Goofy Girl (who created my blog design!)
Honorary awards (those who don't have blogs) go to Lindsay, Jenny, and Leah! (you know who you are!)

You guys are awesome community builder friends!


  1. I think that award is awesome! I love that it's in Portugese. (I thought maybe it was just in Spanish, with a couple of typos) :)

    Some of my best and favorite friendships have been formed through blogging. Most of those were complete strangers when they first showed up to comment. It's amazing how small it shrinks the world!

  2. Blogs are really wonderful things :) It's fun to meet people you would have never not come across!

  3. its been really enjoyable to know you better online, its funny how that works huh! thanks for the compliment.


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