Sunday, October 19, 2008

Summer Recaps: The 100 Degree Wedding

So, yeah, this wedding was at the end of June and somehow I just never got around to posting about it!

This is Sami:
She was one of the crazy people that Brian hung out with while he was in college!

She's the last of the 3 friends he was closest to to get married. Brian was asked to be an usher in the wedding so we were there by 1 and the wedding wasn't until 4.

Showing them how to stand - it was complicated...

I got to hang out with the girls and take some fun pictures! The photographer was a hoot. And he told us some crazy stories about our wedding photographer...

Thankfully my mom came with us and kept Cory at her cousin's house because it was right during his nap time and we would have had a miserable little guy with us for 8 hours.

Because unfortunately the wedding was at this beautiful "home" event place that had NO SHADE! And it was 100 degrees out!

The ceremony itself wasn't too long and was very nice.

Although it was kind of a weird set-up where we were all sitting in 3 very wide rows, but back quite a ways from the wedding party.

Instead of lighting a unity candle they poured colored sand into a vase. I had never seen this before, but they also did it at Alison's wedding that we went to in August.

Sami and Troy

The food was delicious although everyone tried to crowd in under the porch for some shade.

The cake had edible writing in amongst the stripes so when it was laid sideways on your plate you could read it. It was really cool!

First dance!

There was this really neat Irish band playing for the ceremony and reception. They play locally at a bar and that is where they found them. This was a silly song about crocodiles, monkeys, and unicorns... I don't remember much since I'd never heard it before, but it was fun to watch!

See the row of trees in the background of the above picture? Behind them was the ONLY shade. There is a short bank and a pond. Most of the guests ended up sitting on that bank eating and talking for the majority of the reception. It was sad that it was so hot many people left early.

They had bubbles and bowls of dried lavender for you to take a handful and throw...

Of course Brian took the whole bowl and threw it! What are friends for?

He also left his flip flops behind after the ceremony so only had his nice dress shoes (with shorts) for shopping the next day before we headed home!

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  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Looks like a beautiful wedding! However, I'd take a nice air conditioned church any day!


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