Sunday, December 07, 2008

20 Months!

Yes, I know, I'm dreadfully behind on this, what with Cory being 20 months and 10 days already! ;) You'll forgive me if I post cute pictures, right? right?

Mom, don't take pictures of me with my mouth full!

So, this month we discovered, actually Grandpa H. discovered during Thanksgiving, that if you're reading a familiar story to Cory and you stop before the last word on the page he will fill it in for you. It's really fun to do! (and of course we were all duly impressed!)

(look how big he is!!! I'm a little sad!)

In the mornings I usually get him his sippy cup of milk and bring him in bed with me for awhile. (in case you didn't know, I am NOT a morning person) He will usually make some mention of "school" because Daddy's not there. And then he will snuggle up on Daddy's "piw-wow" next to me!

(Cory thinks Mama's house coat is a giant "bibi"- blankie)

He has a little trouble with the "sp" sound so we have a book about "spots" and they are "fots". It takes a bit of getting used to if you're not sure what he's refering to! He also likes to "fin" around until he's dizzy!

One other word thing... he loves "flys" butterflies, dragonflies, etc. He used to call them all "fly", but now he can distinguish a bit and calls butterflies "buz-za". Not sure where it came from, but it's sure cute!

Helping push Great Grandma

Cory is a very good helper. He loves to do exactly whatever it is I'm doing. Earlier this month I was doing a ton of laundry and had various piles on the floor. One load of towels was clean so I was folding it on the couch while the washer filled for another load. Cory wanted to help load the washer so he took a clean towel off the couch and put it back in the washer for me! I didn't realize he could even reach that high!

Have I ever mentioned that Cory LOVES to read books? He will bring them to me, turn around, and say "up". And then when we're done he'll say "no-one" which means "another one" because he wants to go get one more, and one more, and one more!

Oh, and one more thing. I like to chase him around the house saying "I'm gonna get you" and then tickle him. Now, whenever he wants me to chase him he gets down on the ground - crawling - and says "getchou". So I chase him and then when I want him to "get me" he does this funny tickle thing with his fingers. It's tons of fun!

20 months going on 5 I think! And I'm already starting to buy 2 and 3T sizes!


  1. I love this age! The words they decide to use are always so amazing!

  2. He sure do look like a very nice boy that is going to grow up to a handsome young man... yep he will get bigger... sorry ;-)

    He sounds like great company and being a good little helper is a very good thing to learn by.
    We do it too after Emma learned about it in school. So she is door helper, light helper and so forth...

  3. He's such a cutie pie, sounds like he's such a good kiddo too. :)


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