Friday, December 19, 2008

Cory's first snow!

So, I meant to take Cory out yesterday after his nap, but then I came down with a nasty headache. Instead today we went out for a few minutes (yes, it's only 15 degrees here so 10 minutes is plenty of time!)

We got about 6 inches of fresh snow on Wednesday and I just let Cory walk around and see what he wanted to do. He didn't like walking in the snow, he preferred to stay on the sidewalk and just smash the little snowballs that had piled up from shoveling. He's not real steady in his boots yet, they are too bulky for him.

Then he figured out that he could touch it, but since he only has cotton mittens it was sticking to his gloves and he didn't like that. So I showed him how to clap his hands and brush it off.

Finally he figured out that he could eat it... and after the first bite he said "yum, yum!" Way too cute of course!

No, I don't have any pictures, but I will get some later. I'm sure this is not the last snow we will have this winter!


  1. Ooo snow!! Has Cory been sledding yet? Can't wait to see pics of him in the snow, I bet he's just the cutest :)

  2. Sweet! What an adventure being introduced to snow. Your weather sounds like it's pretty fierce right now. So far my two families haven't lost their power. I hope yours stays on too!

  3. Merry Christmas, Krista!


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