Thursday, December 25, 2008

On Christmas

Christmas started on Sunday for us - with a 70's style party at our life group! We had 2 fondue pots and 3 different types of fondue! With all of us standing around I really felt like we had gone back to the 70's! It was definitely yummy though! Homemade cheese fondue with french bread, marinated steak in hot oil fondue (it's way better than is sounds!), and dark chocolate fondue with all types of fruit. Quite the balanced meal!
We also watched a short Russian video - their version of Laurel and Hardy. You didn't have to read the sub-titles to see that the staged "robbery" was not going according to plan!

Tuesday night was Christmas with my family as we were supposed to be headed to Oregon yesterday...
The ham wasn't done until 7pm when dinner was set for 5. But none of us was complaining, we didn't want a repeat of last year!

So we did gifts first and Cory really enjoyed the first few presents and helping Grandma play Santa Claus. After that I think he was a bit overwhelmed. The hit present for him though was a set of Dr. Seuss board books from Kevin and Annika. One of them was Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. It's a book about monkey drumming... and we read it when we were in Arizona in October. He loved it then and when he saw it in the package he started saying "dum ditty" which is what the monkeys say when they are drumming.
We have already read it multiple times!

Christmas Eve we did absolutely nothing. Well, because I am a complete dork I asked for (and received) CD cases for Christmas and I spent the better portion of the afternoon organizing and putting all my CD's in these cases! (they had all been in their original cases stacked in various places around the house and taking up space!) I suppose that was a nice way to spend the day!

We shall see what the weather brings in the morning and if we leave or stay here one more day!

Here's my attempt at bokeh photography on a neighbor's outdoor Christmas tree... the lighting was better half an hour earlier, but we were on our way to pick up Grandma and I missed it. Oh well!

Merry Christmas all!


  1. That tree is really beautiful :)

    Sounds like a wonderful day! :) I think it's great you read to Cory, I bet he's going to be a smart kiddo!

  2. Love that tree, and sounds like a great Christmas.

    Happy New Year from N Ireland.

  3. Beautiful photography. Looks like a great time spent with family.

    Happy New Year.



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