Tuesday, December 30, 2008

21 Months

Someone asked me the other day how old Cory was... I was about to say 20 months when I realized that no, he would be 21 months the next day. How did that happen? Oh wait, it's the holidays and time's flying!

So here are some of the fun things he's done this month.

First off he's started putting two words together. The first time he did this we were having some sweet bread and he very distinctly said "more cake" and then "please". He's got his priorities in line!

Being at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Oregon this week there is a big set of stairs. He has learned to say up-stairs and down-stairs. And of course he's always wanting to know where Grandma and Grandpa are! He's a little shadow!

Favorite foods include "scaphetti" and "mash and cheese" or really anything that has "noo noo"s in it!

I've taught him he can hold up the plastic cups to his ears and "hear" the ocean. Now he does it randomly and says "osha".

He likes pencils... but he also likes to chew off the erasers! So, we just give him colored pencils. They don't write on walls and furniture as well anyway! However we do also have washable crayons and they really are quite washable.

Washable also makes them really soft... soft enough to create beards with!

So he loves to color or draw and can recognize most shapes and many numbers.

He loves to say "scoop" for the backhoes and tractors with buckets that we see in books. He also likes his "boose" (caboose) on the train. He learned this word from the train story/songs CD that we have.

Christmas is "Chrimpas" and some of his favorite characters are "shnowman" (which he says through his nose on the "sn" sound - or else it's "no-man"), reindeer, nutcracker (which he can say pretty well since he also loves crackers!), and Santa.

He's having a ton of fun "swimming" in Grandma and Grandpa's pool and will frequently go to the correct door and say "pool?" and "swimming?".

We're glad to be able to spend a whole week here so he and the grandparents can get some quality time!


  1. Thanks for the Christmas card! I'm just not getting back and making the rounds.
    I'm going to guess that the grandparents pool is indoors? :)
    Cute Cute Corey as always!

  2. Your Christmas card was so cute, Cory has those beautiful eyes of yours!! :)

    Cory sounds just like the cutest little boy :) But I tell ya that every comment I make!!

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    He's growing up so quickly! Treasure these moments!


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