Monday, April 27, 2009

Cory Posts

Hmmm, now that Cory is 2 I'm not quite sure what to do about my monthly Cory posts. I have all these cute things he's said and done collected, but I don't want to keep labeling them by months! Any suggestions?

Well, I took him to the doctor last week for his 2 year old check-up. He weighed in at 34 pounds (with a wet diaper!) and 36 inches tall. I think he might actually be a bit taller, but it's kind of hard to get a 2 year old to stand up tall when he just wants to check out everything around him!

They measured his head and it said it had shrunk since his last visit at 18 months... somehow I don't think that's the case and we have to stop in this week and get it measured again just to be sure. I hope we won't also be coming away with a prescription for some kind of ear infection/cold medicine. The poor little guy has just been miserable the last couple days. I've never seen green gunk come out of his eyes before. :(

Other than that this has been just a month of growing verbal skills. I know I've said it before, but he'll just parrot back anything we say. Sometimes when we're not even talking to him, so we'd best be careful what we talk about when he's around!

When he wants something he always says "you want" rather than "I want". I think it's a hold over from parroting what we say, but also he wants us to then ask him if he wants whatever it is that he wants. So he'll say "you want some chocolate?" and the response he's looking for is for us to ask him if he wants it! If we don't respond quick enough he will at times even answer his own question "yup!"

Lately he's been loving playing hide and seek and will run into one of the bedrooms, close the door, and then, if I'm not paying attention, I'll hear this little voice say "where's Cory?" or "where's a Cory boy?". He's imitating me when I'm looking for him!

The other thing he says is whenever we ask him anything along the lines of, where are we going, where did you get that (hiccups especially), or where's Daddy, he'll respond with "at the bread store". I think he likes that place because he gets a cookie when we go!

Last weekend at breakfast at Wendy's house he randomly announced, "I have a fat tummy"

One night this week he all of a sudden started crying at dinner. I asked him if he'd bitten his tongue, or lip. He said no and was still crying really hard. Finally we realized that he had bitten his own finger while eating! It wasn't really funny to him, but it was all we could do not to laugh.

We've been eating a lot of strawberries and I left the bowl out on the counter. He can reach and had gotten one when I wasn't looking. I told him he couldn't take them out of the bowl anymore since it was glass and I was afraid he would pull it off accidentally. Later Brian found a strawberry in the bowl with one small bite out of it... like he thought by putting it back it would be okay!

We went through the car wash last week for the first time in awhile and that was not fun for him. Poor kid is scared of anything he doesn't understand, mostly inanimate objects that he doesn't think should move (like Grandpa's chair that goes into the basement). We go to the car wash that doesn't actually hit your car other than with water and I tried to tell him it was like rain, but he was still pretty freaked out. He remembers too because he'll tell me "scared wash car".

And finally... awhile back we told him that his clothes were Osh Kosh B'gosh. But he couldn't pronounce it so he says "Popa-gosh-gosh" with sometimes a few extra gosh's on the end! This is one of his exclamations at times when he wants to make us laugh!

I leave you with this picture... there was a BBQ rally at the park this week and Cory saw the fire trucks from the next block. So of course we had to stop* and get a personal tour of them. This one was so tall I had to stretch to climb up into it and then the fireman handed Cory up to me. He thought it was fantastic to drive the fire truck!

He's definitely a friendly and outgoing little guy, just like his daddy!

*there was no other reason to stop... I didn't hear on the radio that they would be giving away concert tickets, and I certainly didn't bob for apples to see if I could win and then have the DJ give me a pair of tickets to the Montgomery Gentry concert in July. No way, not me!


  1. He is 34 pounds? Wow...he weighs as much as Emma...and she will be 5 soon!

    Of course, from the pictures I've seen of your husband, he is rather tall.

    Cory sure is a cutie, though! You'll have to beat the girls off of him.

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Thanks for posting these precious stories!! They made me laugh and MISS my darling nephew! But I can picture him doing and saying all of those things... and that is a gift. :)

  3. Maybe just the Monthly Cory update? Or Cory 2 year + 1 mo ?

    I bet in a year it will be amazing all that he's able to say!

  4. He is at such a fun cute age!


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