Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leaving... on a jet plane

Well, we are down to our last day in Saudi. It's a Friday, but their weekend is Thursday/Friday so we went to church in the morning. I went out early in the morning before church to try and get some pictures in good light...

Here's one of the palm trees in front of Paul and Jackie's house. I seriously love palm trees!

Our lovely hosts, Paul and Jackie Carr.

This is their awesome house! Notice there are very few windows... that would be to help keep the inside of the house cool during the day.

The lovely Jackie in her fabulous kitchen. I can only dream of having a kitchen this big... I think you could fit half our apartment in it! Oh, and Cory thought the doors up in the ceiling were where the cat lived!

Off we went to church. This was all the people staying in their house for 2 weeks... plus one other guy. Good thing it's a big house!

They call their church "fellowship" since technically you're not really supposed to do any Christian activities in Saudi. But I guess as long as they keep it low key and inside the camp they are okay! They meet in the school gym.

After church, Brian, Cory, and I were invited to a family's house for lunch who had some small children. (We'd actually been borrowing a car seat from them for Cory). We only wish we could have gotten together with them sooner so Cory could have had some playmates! They were very fun to talk to as well!

This is the front of their house. You can see, most of the houses look the same... and they are all the same color. Boring!

Our plane left at 1am Saturday morning so we didn't go to bed at all... Cory got a short nap, but he was wide awake at the airport. He was so tired though that he was running circles around this huge marble pillar.

I already wrote about our insane trip home so I won't bore you with that again. But now I have a couple pictures to share. This is the French countryside heading into Paris. I loved the way none of the fields were square, but followed the contours of the hills and all the little hamlets had roads fanning out from them like spokes on a wagon wheel.

As we flew in to Paris I was hoping to see the Eiffel Tower. I mean it's pretty tall, right? Well, it was early in the morning and quite hazy... and we didn't fly very close to it. So you'll have to try and pick it out in this picture. I tried to help you out with the arrow. This is my one and only glimpse of the Eiffel Tower!

When we made it home Saturday evening Cory had been sleeping in the car for about 3 hours. I brought him in and set him on the couch thinking he would wake up and want to run around a bit... when I came back in with more stuff from the car this is what I found!

Poor child had just rolled over and gone back to sleep!

Oh the memories we have!

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  1. As someone who has visited Paris, I can tell you it isn't all that great. I actually enjoyed Berlin more than Paris.

    But, you have just gone on a vacation of a lifetime....what can compare to that?


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