Monday, April 13, 2009

Cory's Easter

Brian failed to realize that he planned an Anime convention with his students in Seattle for Easter weekend. So Cory and I went up to my parents for most of the weekend. The hit was that Grandma and Papa have trains!

Here's a little boy totally self-entertained for hours.

Grandma found an Easter Egg hunt at a local fruit stand so we thought we'd go...

Mad house!

There were probably a hundred kids there in the "under 3" category in a field the size of someone's backyard. Parents were allowed to "help" with this group, but there definitely should be been a rule that they couldn't touch the eggs. I didn't help Cory at all and out of 2,000+ eggs on the field he ended up with 7 while I saw babies who didn't pick up their own eggs go away with baskets heaping full. Lame-o parents!

Cory didn't care though and really wanted to see what was inside each egg...

He saw me open one by accidentally stepping on it so he had to try!

That didn't work, help Mom!
He was so excited!

Poor planning meant that his egg hunt was scheduled at 1pm and we hadn't had lunch. So Mama bought the boy a hot dog and he ate it in huge bites!
While waiting in line to ride the "cow train"!

This was definitely the highlight of the day for him. It's a custom train made out of barrels pulled behind a Gator!

Around the parking lot and fields, it went pretty fast, but Cory loved it!

Then we found the Easter Bunny. This one talked, but Cory wasn't so sure about it. He gave the bunny a "high 5", but no hugs.

Of course we had to sit on all the possible machines there were to be sat upon!

Oh, and behind this tractor... we're going into the petting zoo!


He wasn't so sure about the llama when it stuck it's head out towards him!

Eye to eye with Mr. Cow

It was a fun day overall, but the poor kid totally missed his nap. Yeah for a hyper cranky child in the evening!

Sunday we went back up after church and found out there was another smaller egg hunt in town. It was raining so there weren't nearly as many people there. There weren't as many other activities to do either.

Yet once again the parents went crazy in the 1-3 year old category and this time Cory only got 2 eggs.

But he knew all about what was inside this time and wanted me to open it immediately. He started unwrapping the candy, but didn't get it all the way off... ah, who cares, just eat the wrapper too!

The best part of this egg hunt though was the Fire Truck!

Hope your day was just as fun and filled with lots of chocolate!

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  1. :) So cute!! He looks like he ad a fun time!!


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