Friday, April 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I'm deviating from my normal lightheartedness today for Scribbit's April Write-Away contest.

Mother's Day is one month from today.

I am a mother. This will be my third Mother's Day with my little guy. He is a blessing and a treasure. Every day he surprises me with the things he says and does. He brings me hugs and smiles and sticky treasures. I read to him and play with him and dance with him.

I ruffle his hair and laugh at his silly stories. I give him raspberries on his tummy and rides on the swing at the park. But what I'd like to give him most this Mother's Day is a little brother or sister.

It's been two years. People are not just starting to ask, they've been asking for a while. "When are you going to have a sibling for him to play with?" I wish I could say.

How do you respond that you've been trying and nothing's happened? How do you let them know that it's been 8 months already? How do you share that you've already had heartbreak?

Especially when you're a private person not prone to sharing your thoughts and feelings freely. Especially when the first baby was an "oops" and people expect that you should be able to have another one.

It's easier just to write and not have to see their faces. It's easier not to have to face it yourself.


  1. :( Krista, that sounds so hard to go through. I read your entry earlier and didn't have time to comment and have been thinking of you ever since. Hugs.

  2. Having had a long road to our daughter Coraline, I know how that feels. It's so hard to put some of these things into words, and people really don't often think that they're asking anything difficult.

    We're praying for you guys. Hang in there!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Krista. I'm so sorry. I really appreciate your honesty. I haven't experienced the kind of pain you're talking about, although I've known good friends through the years who have.

    Cory's new bed is so great!

  4. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I have to admit, I've been one of those who have wondered about a sibling for Cory as well. But, I can related to the struggle of trying and having to wait to understand God's timing. We have no choice but to trust, and that's so tough to swallow sometimes.

  5. I still am amazed at how many people casually ask such personal questions like that. You could very politely say that it's a personal matter (though I've never had the guts to actually say it myself). What do they expect you to say when they ask that? "Well yes we've been practicing every night"?? Odd times we live in.

  6. There's no shortage of people who will ask about that kind of thing. Most of them are well meaning and unaware of the pain they cause. Nonetheless. I'm sorry. Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. I am so sorry Krista! As you know, Jason and I also have this same struggle. I am so thankful that you felt able to share and I want you to know that I have been praying for you!


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